[PAID] Concept artist to create B&W concept sketches of Sci-fi modular building assets

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a concept artist who is able to do concept sketches of modular assets.

I’ve done my reference gathering for my next project, and would like some sketches done of some of the assets.

To keep costs down, I’m happy with black and white. Sketches can also be 2D, although they will be for 3D assets. They don’t need to be pretty or high res, they just need to be readable for me to start modelling from.

You must also be happy with the fact that I create assets for the Marketplace, so the models developed are commercial use.

I’ve attached an image of my gathered reference and an initial layout of the assets that will be required.

If this looks like something you would be able to do, please email myself, Alan at [EMAIL=“”] with a link to your portfolio and rates.