[PAID] Concept Artist // Illustrator

Hello. My name is Steve Pierce. I am a professional freelance Concept Artist / Illustrator with a background in illustration and graphic design. Have a look!

Skillset: 2D Concept Artist / Illustrator / Graphic Designer
2 years concept art in gaming
4 years in the music industry (illustrations for merchandise and album art, logos)




Concept Art // Character Design

Concept Art // Creature & Alien Design

Concept Art // Environment Design

Graphic Design // Branding

Thanks for looking!

Updated gallery 7/15/15

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Would you be interested in royalty too?

I worked with this guy many moons ago and he’s great to work with. Very open discussion and easy to communicate with. +1 for him.

@Innos - Possibly. Email me a brief / description of what you are looking for and we can get into details of a specific deal.

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No offence for others, but from veneq it’s the best concept art I’ve seen.
I do not know him, I haven’t worked with him, but if I were to pay, I would definitely choose him.

@Innos - Thank you!

And available very soon!

Updated gallery 9/22/15 -** Available!**