[PAID] Concept Artist (Characters, environments, creatures, mechs, etc)

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas Gosselin and i am a concept artist out of Montreal, Canada. I am currently available for freelance work during the next 4-5 weeks.

  • I currently work using Photoshop CC, Sketch up and luxrender
  • I’m able to do characters, environments, creatures, vehicles, mechs and props.
  • I’m pretty flexible on the style.

Unfortunately I don’t have much work experience which is why my rates are lower then maybe some other artist, though i can guarentee that i will give you 150% and quality work. I also study at Syn Studio under some of the best concept artist in Dontreal from big companies such as Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Edios and Square Enix.

skype: nicoplaynick

please emails me or contact me on skype for my rates. I prefer to work by the hour though i would be open to a set price per piece.

Work examples.




Still available for more freelance work.

Is the image at the very top 3D model you modeled yourself?

Available for more work.

Yes i modeled the scene in 3d and then went over it in photoshop

Available for work again

Still available for more work

still avaiable

Will PM to discuss

still avaialble

Will be available at the end of the week so don’t hesitate to contact me.

available again

updated with new work check out my portfolio, also I’m available for more work

open again for work

still available for more work

Looking for more work