[PAID] Concept and 3d artist

Freelance artist over 5 years experience in a wide variety of areas, looking for work
Please email me if you are interested in hiring me for full time work or remotely.


Character Animation Reel:-

Motion Graphics:-

Rohan Spuke
concept and 3d artist
Skype Name: spukeanimation
Yahoo Messenger: spukeanimation
Twitter: @spukeanimation
Google+: [EMAIL=“spukeanimation@gmail.com”]spukeanimation@gmail.com
Mob. Number: +1 315 670 7853

Available for work

Available for work

Available for Work

Available for work

Did you once work for nickelodeon?, because these look nickelodeon art models. Now i am stating that you stole them and passed them off as your own, but some people do that sometimes.

@falconsoft I worked for Nickelodeon HTML 5 Games , I did all the turtles and several other projects for them

I don’t think that many folks are going to be able to afford your pay, hahaha.

@half-rats I love to work for indie developers too :slight_smile:
My rates are very reasonable

Available for work

What are your rates

Predominantly in reference to your concept art that you show on your portfolio, or (potentially) your landscapes.

@anonymous_user_b0bb2798 sent guys

Available for work

Available for work

Available for work

Available for new projects

Hi spukeanimation,

Very nice work. Do you have any previous work in Modular design? Are you willing to experiment with a different 3D modelling method? I’ll be seeking out a 3D Artist/A who can author modular pieces and create something fantastic using Collage Construction to replace my own programmer’s artwork.

@TechLord Thanks bud, I have sent you a PM

Available for new projects