[PAID] Composer/Sound Designer

Skillset(s):Composer/Sound Design
I’ve been working on games and film professionally for about several years now
I’m Berklee College of Music Alumni and I studied Video Game Scoring/Film Scoring while there with Duncan Watt (League of Legends) and Michael Sweet (Xbox 360 Sound design)

Some of my most recent work includes

King’s Madness - Composer/Sound Design
Avalon Lords - Composer/Sound Design
Transitions - Documentary (In Production

These are just a few of the ones I’ve done recently

Here’s a link to my Demo Reel

Skype: Tyler.Gonelli

Still open for requests! Let me know if you’re interested!

Got some good work from this forum hoping to get some more! Contact me if interested!

Open for work contact me if interested!

Still looking for work! Just finished a project!

Just finished a project, if you’re interested in hiring me please contact me

Contact me if interested! Just finished a big project and looking for more work!