[PAID] Composer and Sound Designer Looking for Work

Hello! My name is Timothy Adan. I have been a composer and sound designer for 5 years working on numerous projects.

I have written music of many varieties from more epic fantasy music, to the music of Feudal Japan, to electronic sci-fi music. I also love doing research on new types of music so that I can incorporate what I learned in to future projects. I have learned to write a combination of Irish dance music, with electric guitar and jaw harp in this fashion.

I have made realistic sound effects recording things I find in the environment as well as my own home. I can also take these sounds and using my software, mangle them in to any shape imaginable, be it something realistic, or something utterly terrifying. I have created many sounds for a fantasy horror game from footsteps to swords, to monster roars and hisses.

If you are interested in hearing my work, feel free to visit my website:

If you have any questions, please email me at I would love to hear from you!

Thank you very much.

-Timothy Adan,