(PAID) Coder needed for Steam Multiplayer UE4

Budget is $200

My fiverr acc is gonz4lo2013gr3

My game Is almost finished

1… There are three game breaking bugs .
1.1 Loot that player picks up in waiting lobby shouldnt be keept in the match.
1.2 another bug, if someone dies in the waiting lobby it will count as a permanent death in the match afterwards , maybe making everyone invincible before the match starts could be a easy solution,
1.3 another one is the ai one, you only have to delete it(the ai)

  1. Plane goes to fast and needs to be slower , make it half as fast (very very easy)

  2. Players need to be only in the main map area , if you go any further you should die [make em return to map if not, they die] create a countdown from 1 minute to make players leave

like in this one:

  1. . And finally update/upload it in steam with my steam dev account ( i already have the store set and paid the fee) and link matchmaking matches with my rented dedicated server (you can help me find an affordable one) I’m using AWS

I want players to be able to go on public matches with their friends, pre pre-game lobby is already in , so we might need to improve the steam integration, and link it with servers i can rent(you can recommend some), im aiming at 500 concurrent players , with around 50 per lobby. So make this, when the lobby fills up with at least 30 players it can start a countdown from 1 min to start the game .

Hey! I can help with this stuff! Contact me and we can talk more! Here is my Fiverr account just to check me out a little bit. This stuff sounds like it would be in the second and third tiers for reference but we can work out payment however you like! Message me any way you can and I’ll respond ASAP. Thanks!