[PAID] Cheap Programmer / Blueprint Scripter $8/Hr

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Very affordable and fast UE C++ / Blueprint programmer here.

I’ve an experience of one and half years of Unreal engine game programming on both UE3 and UE4 and I also know how to collaborate with the team remotely using perforce version control.

My main work is a full new expansion Mod Heroes of the west on Red orchestra 2 from the developer Tripwire Interactive situated at Georgia Roswell USA

I am the Team Leader for the mod and we** released it on 24th March 2016 on Steam**]( with latest update on June 6th 2016

** Heroes of the west**

Additional Videos Related to the Mod

New Demo Video 2016

Android motion sensing (Network and multi threading)

Older demo reel

Seperate Video of the works


  • I am Very familiar with multiplayer networking and gameplay mechanics programming either in c++ or Blueprint scripting
  • I can also integrate Third party libraries/DLL , Develop UE4 plugins and Customize engine code where feasible
  • Being experienced in Digital Electronics and circuit design using Microncontrollers (AVR) , Raspberry pi etc I can also design medium complexity hardware.
  • In the end I can mix and match together all of the three UE4,Android and MCU/sensors for virtual automation and control etc.

Other Works

**Earlier works **
Tower Defense for android on UE4

In case you wish to verify my work and skills you can freely reach out and Contact Tripwire Interactive or visit their forums

Contact Info
if you wish to employ me please PM me or mail me at or skype id: Kommander_Shepard

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Instead of bump better post your recent progress on ue4 or ask old clients for feedbacks

maybe your write skype? its much better way for first contact :slight_smile:

First-person crafting survivals seem to be overhyped these days.

Me, I’m all for something different.
Contact me to know more.

Think you could make a procedural galaxy generation system? Don’t have to do, just a question…

how do you define galaxy in your terms? A galaxy map like in the mass effect games ?

Are you experienced with advanced AI?

Have you ever played Distant Worlds? Galactic Civ 3, etc… They have the ability to randomly create galaxies from input from the end-user… Each item (planet,sun, moon, etc.) would have variables attached to it (i.e. resources, civs, etc.)… Make sense?

  • teak

Yes I saw the video , and Ofcourse I can do things like that but I’ll need support from artists to make the galaxy LOOK like a galaxy

Demo Video :o

Can I give you my two cents of advice as a programmer myself? I always see people usually ask to be paid by the hour however when you are paid by the hour that is usually in a employee business. When the employee is on a job and clocked in so a manager can tell when someone is working or not. Asking to be paid by the hour is a turn off for a lot of indie teams if you cannot provide a professional AAA experience portfolio.

What I suggest you do instead? - Set up a list of what you can do and based off all the mechanics involved in a request set your price like a order board.

Here is an example.

Inventory Price

  • Drag and Drop ($3)
  • Hotkeys ($3) Note: UMG Bar-type
  • Customizable (Stats) Objects ($5) - Note: Objects will be blank BP’s with any information you would like that will display on a UMG for a object.

And etc etc. I highly prefer you do this so people are paying you for finished work, not guaranteed time they expect you to be doing when honestly you may be working 5 hours for a games code that’s still buggy and then take a 2-3 hour break. All the while they would still be paying you for those break hours, and it’s just not a system that works if you don’t work on a job site (Office).

I understand that , but that’s not entirely true. Paying by hour here means using hours as another form price unit. What we do is make estimates of hours required for each task the client requests. It is very important to go by the hours than by a fixed template pricing, this isn’t a MCdonalds where everyone wants the same burger. I’ve received some very random and unique requests too, so listing prices for all kinds of possible work is not possible and not feasible as the client might need something that looks like something in the chart but is way complex in reality.

For example if building a system needs 5 hours of work then it amounts to $40 It doesn’t matters if I work those 5 hours in one day or 5 days or a week , in the end I’ll still be charging for 5 hours in total no matter how thin the work time was spread over real world time, its same whether I do it in 5 hour marathon or 1 hour each day for 5 day. Makes sense?

And in the end the work hours I state assume a marathon run, Break ,lunch and sleep and other tasks are not included in it and are also never added later.

awesome , will keep you in mind.

That makes sense, and what I suggested was a guess estimated chart for yourself. What you said you’re doing is kind of the same thing I suggested but you go by the guess estimated time, I go by quality/size of the order.

Yes its basically matter of choice for most people how they want to negotiate their pricing, I just feel comfortable with hours as it can be easily calculated from your experience as to how many hours you would need because you know yourself very well so its just a easier way to make estimate because its very flexible approach as things change

Wanted to post and give this guy a thumbs up. Very easy to work with, always online, and always explains things really well.

CoD BF Style Radar

Can be implemented both ways either blueprint or c++

Uses Material functions for all the panning zooming and rotation etc

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