[PAID] Character combat programmer for 3rd-person Soulslike

We’re developing a surreal action RPG called Moonray (moonray.game). It’s a bit a souls-like in the feel of the combat.

We’re looking for an experienced developer with excellent skills in character programming. Deep familiarity with Blueprints, C++ and the Gameplay Ability System (GAS) is required. You will need to be able to work with various sets of animations to build smooth combat sets that react properly to the action.

Your responsibilities will be to implement new enemy types and new movesets for the player character using our animations.

Please visit moonray.game to learn more about our title and send portfolios to hello@element115.design


I am Senior Unreal Developer having a great working experience of 4+ years along with hands on over Blueprints and C++ as well. I have worked on many projects in the past and delivered them successfully.

I would like to know more details about the project requirements:

  • Which version of unreal you are using?
  • Do you have any documentation for this ?

Having worked on so many projects in the past, I have become familiar with task like fixing bugs, development of new features from the scratch and working on client feedback,and creating documentation.

Let’s get in touch to discuss the project in detail. Please update me with your time availability so that we can schedule a discussion.

Thanks & Regards,


I have been working with 3D and programming since 2008. I have been using UE4 (Blueprints and C ++) since day one and previously used UE3.

Specifically from souls-like I don’t have anything published, but I have a souls-like project that I can show it in more detail by videos or by co-op through Steam.

It would be amazing to work with a souls-like, as it is my favorite video game genre.
I am available to discuss more about the project.

Thank you very much

please email us at hello@element115.design

please email us at hello@element115.design with your info and portfolio