[PAID] Character artist for HORROR project, creative freedom encouraged!

We are in need of few characters that we need producing for our upcoming video game, called Expedition Zero.
Here is a link:

They are supposed to be pretty messed up, and with some lore guide lines, we leave the creative freedom up to the artist. The final output would be a character in it’s default pose.
We are still an indie studio so we cannot pay AAA prices. Europe preffered, but not necessary (timezones…).
There are about 6 characters that need to be done.
If you are interested, please PM me some portfolio, and I’ll get back to you.


I am Senior 3D Artist having 4+ years of experience with 3D Modelling , Texturing, Rendering, UV Mapping and can also assist you for Rigging and Animation.

I mainly provide artwork for unreal engine based games and my work is completely compatible with engine.

  • Do you have any reference for all 6 characters ?
  • Do you have any specific poly count requirement for model ?

Let’s get in touch to discuss the project in detail. Please update me with your time availability so that we can schedule a discussion.