[PAID] Cenk Acan - 2D / 3D Artist

Hi !

I’m a 2D / 3D Artist, Graphic Designer looking for freelance work.


  • Concept Art / 2D Illustration / Pixel Art- over 4 years
    Worked on various projects as Character / Enviroment Artist, did game-ready vector images, illustrations.
  • Interface / Logo / Promo Poster Designs - over 4 years
    Graduated with a Graphic Arts degree, continuing MFA education, focused on pixel art / in-game interface design.
  • 3D Modelling / Animation
    Have basic knowledge about modelling, experienced 3dsmax animator, mainly focused on CATRig animations.
  • Video editing / post processing
    Experienced Aftereffects, Premier user.

You can;
see some of my personal work on : My Behance Portfolio
or : My Artstation Portfolio
contact me via :







Behance portfolio updated, still LFW :slight_smile:

emailed :smiley:

Updated my post with some projects i’ve done. I’m open for freelance works atm. :slight_smile:

PMed you, check your inbox.

Updated my post, have some new pieces in the portfolios for you to check out :slight_smile: I’m available for freelance work atm.

Updated my portfolio, you can see it at:

I’m open for work atm. :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to all of you! I’m up for freelancing atm. : )

Hey all! Update my portfolio and this post with a lot of new images. If you think i can help you out on your project, feel free to reach me out! : )