A small group of former competitors are wanting to preserve the history and nostalgia of what was some of the finest times ever gaming.

I am |IM|UBL, founder of the clan the Instagib Machine. In UT2K4 we were the #1 competitive clan in Low Gravity Instagib (LGI), Capture the Flag (CTF), 135/35 air speed. The settings had a substantial number of people playing both socially and competitively. Many have waited for Epic to get it right and bring back something playable after UT III failed to deliver.


Capture the movement of UT2K4, LGI, 135/35 with the newest Unreal Engine. Evolve the game from a futuristic, graphics feel, into true VR.


A number of us “old timers” who use to compete and some map make, back in the day, will be available and will be proofing out any milestone development.

Deliver a working model that demonstrates you can capture the UT2K4, LGI, 135/35 settings with player movement that is equal to or better than UT2K4, LGI 135/35. Once you have demonstrated your ability to deliver you will be compensated as agreed upon. Your “Good Faith” effort to demonstrate your skills and deliver the core of what made 135/35 rock, will gain you a “first right of refusal” contract for all follow on effort to include, HUD, security, map development, etc., which shall be each engaged as fixed price, level of effort, task orders.


$200 upon delivery of proof of concept that LGI 135/35 can express the movement of the original game play in a VR setting using the most current Unreal Engine.

All follow on efforts will be negotiated and set to a fixed rate based on your ability to deliver on time, meeting or exceeding player expectations and the quality assurance group, demands of the task, and fair and reasonable industry standard rate.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hey _IM_UBL,

It sounds cool, I wish you luck for your project ahead.
I play a few UT DM’s everyday as a distressor after UE4 development work.

Turning into a VR experience will certainly give it a new dimension.
Don’t know how you’ll pull off the running on walls and bouncing off them though. Though guess the hand controllers mimic the AWSD for movement, AWSD+Shift for rapid movement, spacebar for jump, C for crouch, etc.

Please let me know how it advances.

Smudgy67 (Old timer too… UT2K3)

That is the target regarding VR. If we arrive that the movement will be able to be achieved via VR, then we use the new engine to the most we can get from it and go from there. Thanks for replying.

No worries, thank you for your reply too.

A defo cool target. Do you plan on using UE5 for it then?

On the Epic Games Launcher, there is an editor for UT, can you use this as a base for now and try to integrate VR into that?

I’m just commencing a course, Unreal Engine C++ The Ultimate Shooter Course, because of my interest with UT.

I’d be interested in helping out, please, if your short on recruits.

Do you remember Rookie for 1 v 1 DM? He was better than Combat Carl. Rookie played instagib for me.

I would like to speak to you about taking on this gig.

Cell: (321) 458-7511

Hey Tom,

No, I don’t, I guess the dude was good though.

Ok, I’m taking it is a USA number? +1, right?

I’m in the UK, BST.

Tried to phone you yesterday afternoon and left a message on your answering machine.
Ping me an email on smudgy67[at]msn[dot]com and we can discuss further.

All the best.

Sorry didnt know you were in the UK. We can setup a discord channel if it is acceptable to you?

It’s ok, how were you to know =].
I’m on discord, Smudgy67#2954, ping me a message there.

sent 930pm eastern time

you are at plus 6 hours?