[PAID] C++ senior engineer for prototyping in remote team, Spry Fox

Spry Fox is starting some prototyping work in Unreal, and as we have very little internal experience with the engine we’d like to bring someone in who can help us hit the ground running.

Our rapid prototyping process involves the exploration of interesting new core mechanics, killing your darlings early and often, and settling on a theme later rather than earlier, so we can’t tell you a lot about what the project will involve.

About the only thing we know for sure is that it’ll have some kind of multiplayer slant. If you like our other games such as Steambirds Alliance, Alphabear, Road Not Taken or Beartopia, you’ll probably like what we end up with.

Spry Fox has existed since 2010. We currently have over 15 employees, all remote, from a range of timezones and continents.

We value making the world a better place not just through the games we make but how we make them. Remote working gives us the flexibility to work from where ever and whenever we want, which is great for people with families or those who want to travel. Respecting people’s free time gives them the opportunity to have interests outside of the games industry.

On top of that we love working on highly innovative games, which don’t often fit in comfy genre boxes.

Read more about us on the official job blog post.

Team Structure**:**
You’ll be working alongside an established Spry Fox engineer, as well as a designer and a producer. Since we all work remotely, you’ll be trusted with a fair amount of creative freedom and your design taste will help shape the project.

Talent Required:
We need an engineer with C++ experience, but since this is the Unreal forums we’d also love to see a candidate with extensive Unreal experience. Someone who can help us get the most out of the engine, iterate quickly, and inform what our best practices should be. You can read more on the official blog post but here’s a cribbed list:

  • Have at least five full years of professional game development experience
  • Be very comfortable and experienced with C++
  • Be very comfortable working remotely (we’re a virtual studio; everyone works from home!)
  • Speak and write in fluent English
  • Live in a US-adjacent timezone, or are willing to work funny hours to ensure at least partial overlap with those of us in the US-adjacent timezones (which is the majority of the studio, but not all of it.)
  • Want to make the world a better place

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!