[Paid] C++ Developer familiar with Unreal Engine

Arlea Studios Ltd is looking for a part-time C++ programmer familiar with the Unreal Engine for an initial fixed term contract of 12 months. The applicant must be legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom and have a home address in the United Kingdom. This contract will be remote working and the applicant must be able to supply their own hardware adequate for the job and must have a reliable high speed internet connection. Depending on the needs of the studio an opportunity may be available to move to a permanent full-time contract after the end of the 12 months but this job will be physically located in Liverpool.

Hours per week : 20

Flexible hours allowed.

Total Salary: £10,400 (based pro-rata on 40hr/week £20,800/yr)

Hello! I am UE C++ developer from Ufa with 2 years XP of UE (certified by http://GameDev.tv) and 5 years XP in application development. I am not from United Kingdom, but all other requirements seems Ok to me… You can contact me with Discord (klauth86#1475) or Skype (klauth86).

I also have some blog about UE C++ for beginners, so you can check it

Sincerely yours, Artur K.

This position has been filled.