[PAID] C++ / BP Programmer (Gameplay, AI, UI, Networking)

Hey there!

I’ve recently gotten a few spare weeks opened up in my calender, and I am looking to fill it with some small feature or prototyping work. I am a Freelance Programmer who has worked in the industry for a number of years, and a flexible skillset that covers most areas of game development.

5+ Years in Unreal Engine 3 & 4
3+ Years in C++
Light AWS Experience

Projects & Work
I am most comfortable with tasks ranging from Gameplay, AI, UI and Networking. Some examples of my most recent work are below

Login system using MySQL

*Cinematic Death Camera

Custom Quake (CPMA) Movement

Third Person Deathmatch Prototype

Frontend Design & Implementation

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Crofton#6579

If you have a small feature you need implementing, or require help getting an entire prototype up and running quickly, then please think of contacing of me!

Thank you

It looks like my schedule is opening up again! It’s been a pleasure working on some really cool features and projects these last few weeks, and I would love to find more, so if you believe you have something that is in my skillset, get in touch :slight_smile:

You may be perfect for something I need doing in my game. I will PM you. Ill pay but I need something kinda quick which I will explain in the message

Available for work again on both large and small projects!

Sent you an invite on Discord. :slight_smile:

Available again for work! Smaller & short-term projects are preferred at the moment, but may be able to take on flexible longer-term work

Message sent

pm sent - Thank you!

Bumping this as I have some time open :slight_smile: So if you’ve got a cool project that you might need my help on, then shoot me a message via e-mail or discord!