[PAID] BP Generalist, building on top of Survival Game Kit wanted for a Horror project

We are searching for someone that will help us modifying and creating gameplay mechanics for our project Expedition Zero.

We are in need of a generalist, that could handle AI, gameplay programming, some simple FX. A self management is definitely preffered, since this is remote and our team production is built on trust.
We are a studio in Prague, so our rates are 18 - 20 USD per hour, unfortunately cannot afford more.
If interested, please e-mail me on, with short discription what you would prefer to be helping with, some link to past projects (portfolio), and later we can get in touch through discord.
Clean blueprint scripting, using already present systems (instead of new ones) is required.
This cooperation would be for 3 months.
We are team all over the world, and we are indie devs who like making games. If you think you would fit in, please reach out!