[Paid] BP assistance for Ability system

I am looking for help in having four hotkey menus each having 4 spell slots and being able to switch between each one depending on dpad press. I am willing to work something out as far as payment. I have been at this for a couple months and there is hardly anything out there for my specific need. If anyone is interested please reply and we can exchange information and I will send further details in what I am looking for.

Why dont you put it on a list and switch it using Dpad??

I have an initial enumeration set up for my elemental state binder to each directional button. Upon hitting the button the print string fires off and let’s me know which state I’m in. The problem is setting up the widgets. I’m having a hard time showing the correlating widget while hiding the other three depending which button pressed. And each skill slot correlated to same buttons in all 4 widgets. Not sure how to use triangle on fireball without triggering triangle water pillar

Just Put your spells in a list/ Array and then create a current active spells list and just switch spells in That current active spell list when you press D pad. This was only spell currently active will Trigger. Also you only need 1 widget i think

Only one widget? I’ll be honest, I am a little confused. I’m really a visual learner if there are any examples you know of that I can look at. This is why I’m willing to pay someone for assistance lol