[Paid] Blueprint Programming : A Component-Based Approach

Who are you
My name is CJ and I would love to work on my rpg game, Saving Anthropia, however currently I need some funding in order to obtain an artist for it. So, for the time being I am accepting two or three projects so long as I get paid monthly. Contact will be made via Skype at live:levidrago or through pm on the forums. I will work on your project until it is complete, however I will require payment weekly. Pricing is $100 per week provided the client is satisfied with the results.
What is a Component-Based Approach
It basically means three things

  1. To hell with interfaces.
  2. Data is mainly added via small data classes called Components that interact with each other through functions.
  3. Its the way Unreal Engine 4 was made to interact.
    What is your resume
    Unfortunately my only major project of quality that I joined is Legends of Gyo, which is in remission and will most likely be switching to hero engine due to complications with unreal and mmos.

Please provide some resource links and videos to what you have done and can do. Also you want to be paid monthly, yet you are asking for 100 a week, you need to decided which way to be hired.

Np thanks. I used to have a few small examplea lf my work that I could show you, but I also just recently switched to windows 10. Also unfortunately most of my programming work has been in the web and gis fields and under an nda. However if you need some examples I can surely crank something out in a couple days for everyone. As for whether its monthly or weekly, I want payment to be recieved monthly but with an ioweu updated on a weekly basis. Thanks for your help btw and I will have some more examples sunday. I see you also added me on skype, so since you have me on it, would you like me to do some live programming examples.

Closed, hired for all three slots