[PAID] Blueprint Programmer

Blueprint Programmer
1 year of indie game experience.
1+ years of UE4 experience
1 year of UDK experience

Previous Work:
**** A Star Falls - Pandagon Studios
Indie game, lead level designer/blueprint programmer.

**** Mach 1 Studios -
Unannounced game, blueprint programmer.

**** Infinite Episode 1: Crashed -
VR game, blueprint programmer/level designer.

Portfolio: My portfolio has some of my UE4 and UDK work. Check out my blueprint demo reel to see some of my UE4 work in action.

Blueprint Demo Reel:

Skype: drb1992

Additional Information:
I can work 6 days a week, up to 40 hours a week (possibly more depending on the job)
Looking for remote/online jobs
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me through Skype or Email.

Just pm’ed you with a question regarding AI.

Recently hired for several freelance tasks. Delivered quickly and everything completed above expectation.