[PAID] Berlin based UX/UI design team looking for work’re two brothers based in Berlin who have worked in the ad industry for 7 years. We worked for brands like Disney, Dr Pepper, Star Wars, Disney Pixar and Red Bull. Now we focus on designing user friendly interfaces for games and gaming products.

What do we offer?

  • UX concept for games and gaming products
  • Cool ideation processes how games and gaming products can be more user friendly and fun to play
  • UI design and motion prototyping
  • Marketing and social media strategy (e.g. for Kickstarter campaigns)

Our Focus
We prefer projects that want to go new ways in user experience and user interface design. Challenging old dogmas like: “Can we use the time a user spends on loading screens for something useful?”, “Whats the easiest way connect two players for a co-op game session?”, etc.

Twitter: @monolytic](
Snapchat: @monolytic](

New Project: Metris Soccer

New design work for the Fifa Street 2 styled game Metris Soccer.