[PAID] AWS / Gamelift engineer or Server Engineer

AWS / Game Lift engineer and UE4 Steam online subsystems integration programmer

We are looking for an AWS / Game Lift engineer to build a robust and scalable server environment for two of our upcoming games.

Required Skills

  • 1-3 years experience with AWS and or Game Lift
  • Experience with dedicated servers and listen servers
  • Experience developing an external web application database for storing user info and statistics.
  • Experience integrating steam online subsystems to UE4

Hi, I’ve a lot of experience working with AWS (cognito, dynamodb, postgres, gamelift) and developing REST backend. I also have a fair bit of experience working in Unreal Engine (networking, replication). Please take a look at my github project of an example backend api - Github AWS REST backend

The gamelift java sdk can be added to that project to have matchmaking, user login etc.