[PAID] Astral Clocktower Studios looking to hire an AI/Gameplay Programmer

Project Title:



Kristala is a Third-Person, Dark Fantasy, Action RPG that involves character customization, strategic and super satisfying combat, hundreds of armor and weapon combinations, and a deep and meaningful storyline that players will discover through journal entry collectibles scattered throughout the world, interactions with NPC’s, item descriptions, and cut scenes.

To learn more about it and see what we’ve done so far:

Our Website



Click Here to see a gameplay compilation from early August 2021. We’ve done a lot since putting this together but should still give you a good idea of what we’re doing.

Team Name:

Astral Clocktower Studios, LLC

Team Structure:

  • Alexis Brutman (Project Creator, Producer, Game Designer)
  • Tiffany Gomez (Project Creator, Lead Level Designer)
  • Sarah Schaffstall (Project Creator, Marketing Director)
    • We started ACS 3.5 years ago and have been working on Kristala ever since. Our team is 28 members strong and very diverse!

Fede Exposito
Lead 3D Modeler
6 months

Pedro Vasconcellos
Art Director/3D Char Modeler
2 years

Nick Neissa
3D Generalist
1 year

Rodrigo Nunes
Lead Gameplay Programmer
1 year

Julian Gordillo
Gameplay/Animation Programmer
1 year

Nicolas Diaz
Lead Animator/Rigger
6 months

B/c we do have a rather large team, please check out our website to see everyone else. The team is listed on our homepage: ACS Website

Previous Work:

This is the first title we’ve done as a team, but various members of our team have published titles under their belts.

Talent Required:

Unreal Gameplay/AI Programmer

We’re looking for a programmer with experience programming with Blueprints and C++. A good portion of Kristala is developed in C++ and we intend to pass more of our blueprints to C++ in the coming months, so any knowledge in this arena and in Unreal’s API would be beneficial.

We specifically need to find someone who is experienced in developing enemy AI functionality, so knowledge in Behavior Tree Blueprints, Melee Combat Gameplay Programming, and Unreal’s Gameplay Ability System would be amazing (though GAS knowledge is not mandatory).

Things we’d like to see in a programmer joining our team:

  • A passion for video games and their creation
  • Willingness to learn new things and teach yourself using resources provided to you by the studio
  • Familiarity with remote work environments, and Discord specifically or at least a willingness to learn and adapt.
  • The ability to work comfortably with other people in a team environment and regularly interact with said team.
  • An affinity for dark fantasy
  • Some experience with playing the Souls games or souls-like games. This is not 100% required, because Kristala is pretty unique and takes inspo from a variety of places, but definitely helps.
  • Must speak English fluently.
  • We are hoping to find someone for a full-time, paid, technically contract position. It’ll be a contract gig at first that’s treated like a full-time, salaried job with regular payment in exchange for 40 hours a week with some perks like paid time off. Salary dependent on experience and portfolio.


Astral Clocktower Studios Website



Discord: astralAllie#0782 (this is the very best way to reach me)