[PAID] Assembling small UE4 team for pre-vis : cool action film

Work opportunity for a few UE4 users.

Hey everyone, I just took a job as an action designer on a pretty big action film from a great studio. I’m looking to assemble a small team of skilled UE4 users to help me with pre-vis (mocking up scenes in UE4 during preproduction).

This can be people from any background (games, film, etc) as long as you are skilled in Unreal.

I put together a list of 25 tasks in UE4 that would be useful for our pre-vis needs. I’m hoping to find a few+ people that, when added together, can cover most of that list while we work together on several scenes.

Although most of the work is inside UE4, I’d also love to find a team member who’s experienced in integrating mocap data into Unreal engine, and applying to character models.

Please reach out to me if interested and let’s chat in the next 6 days. I’m moving quickly since the film is spinning up for pre-production.

Thanks for your attention


Here is my resume:
Resume.doc (37 KB)

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