Paid Archviz work using UE4 - how did you do was it profitable or not?

Just curious how many people have done paid work using UE4 and how did it go for you? I’m on the fence still about using UE4 for paid jobs, it’s such a hassle to use compared to what I use for still images and I’m not sure I could make it profitable. So, you don’t have to disclose $$ amounts but I’d like to hear your stories anyhow.

I would like to know what kind the output its deliver to the client? Windows, Android, HTML, Pano 360 (Youtube)?

UE4 is just a tool. If you are able to create a video or renders more quickly in UE4 rather than V-Ray, Revit, or Sketchup, it would only make sense for you to choose the program that is most efficient for your workflow. If you’re on the fence and if it is a hassle, stick with what works for you. Be mindful that you don’t diminish your work in an effort to include a program that isn’t the best tool for the job.

That depends on the client and the goal of the project. If the client wants a 360 video, you would probably provide the 360 video as a file as well as uploaded to Youtube (Vimeo if they supported 360 video (which they currently don’t IIRC.) )

Since we’re creating interactive experiences in UE4, we export a build that the user can mess around with. If they want very limited use - for example, seeing what a building might look like from a given position and angle - we provide a build that allows for that. If a client wanted to use the build on their smart phone, we would package it appropriately for that medium.

Sbeigun, What I meant was. Do you guys charge extra for each package?

SBiegun_PDG ,

Thanks for the reply but not really what I’m looking for. I want to hear from people that used UE4 for paid jobs and what their experience was. Did client changes kill you because of the software? Did it take a lot longer than expected because of bugs in the program? That kind of stuff.

I’m also with Sbeigun_PDG.

I am doing archviz and I want the freedom to use the tool I want. The goal is that if I can offer a better viz in ue4 (vs vray) then I’ill use ue4. My ‘‘work’’ should speak for itself. Right now this is pretty much that. I can do good stuff with vray but I feel my stuff looks cooller (even tho less realistic for obvious reasons) when done in ue4.
That’s the reason why I try to push it as far as I can. Big challenge! If for some other project ue4 don’t cut it then I’ll go back to vray or course.

Also, it’s not because ue4 can do html5 and 360 videos that we’ll do it. We are doing movies, stills and .exe for pc only. Focus fire!

That being said I’ve never sold any ue4 archviz for the simple reason that I have not advertised my studio and my work just yet. We need to be 100% ready when we open the doors!

“That being said I’ve never sold any ue4 archviz for the simple reason that I have not advertised my studio and my work just yet. We need to be 100% ready when we open the doors!”

You won’t be 100% ready ever, that’s the point of the post. Clients throw curve balls and after 30 plus years in the Architecture field I still get surprised on many jobs.

I guess! The good thing is I don’t depend on arch-viz money to live well so that’s a huge plus. If the client is unreasonable he can go to hell :stuck_out_tongue: haha.
But I’d be curious to know if you have received any demands for interactive stuff or a movie maybe? Or have you ever proposed something made with unreal to a client?

As a small 2-man studio with little equipment it’s much more easier to make a movie in ue4 in real-time than paying for a renderfarm (especially when you’ve never done it. I imagine so much can go wrong and it’s expensive!!!)

Keep that “real job” man! At least until you’re absolutely positive you want to do this for a living - I’m looking for the exit.

I’ve seen ads for UE4 stuff but I’m not ready to do any commercial work with it right now unless it was a small apartment.

My real job is allowing me to do archviz stuff (or anything for that matter) on my working hours so that helps a ton. I have around 7 hours of free time on a 8 hours shift. Couldn’t be in a better situation right now. All arch-viz revenues are going to stack on top of my current salary :slight_smile: But like you mentioned, making a living off of that, if my life depended on it, could be very stressful.

I will be doing my first commercial paid UE4 project in the next couple of weeks. I have been doing arch renderings professionally since 2006. I took a full year to learn UE4. Trust me, I still feel like have only scratched the surface. It is the 5th floor of an office building. They, my client, wants to be able to sit down with their client and walk through the space interactively. I will be using the HAL arch-viz tool kit to change materials and such. I have a proto-porject that I did for my learning. I have not posted it on the form yet. My concerns are…

  1. Not making it too complicated so it can be ran on a lap top.
    a. What would be the best initial approach knowing the final product will be viewed from a windows lat top? As far as packaging at the end.