[Paid] Animator

Griever Games is currently looking to contract out animations for our game.
The animations will be sword combos, running, climbing ladders, rolling, etc. The models are not rigged. We have some video examples of what we would like done but working with us and doing iterations will be part of the process.
We are using the Unreal Engine. Ideally, we would like the animator to be able to build the locomotion for the characters in UE4.

Contractors are paid via paypal and must sign contracts for IP, NDA, etc.

A little about the game:
It is a 3d souls genre game.


Please check PM.

Best Regards,

Hello there,
I’ve sent you a PM, please check it out.
Best regards,
Mad Rat.

Are the animations for FP or TP characters? Either way, I know we can help you out and any other types of animations you might need down the road. Cheers!