[PAID] Animator needed for Fighting Game

Hello! I’m working on a fighting game in UE4 called Origin of Storms. We showed the game last year at PlayNYC with asset packs bought on the marketplace. It still went pretty positively given that fact. We’re targeting OrlandoIX in 2020 and we want to have 4 characters animated and finalized for this deadline. As you know, Fighting games have tons of animation involved. Production will begin back in June after the characters are modeled and rigged. Consider the game having no completed animations at the moment because we wish to replace all marketplace assets.

Here is the proof of concept we debuted at PlayNYC:](

Here is video of the crowds at PlayNYC enjoying the game:

The 4 characters will have 4 distinct fighting styles but for the most part, all getting hit animations will be recycled between all characters.

The 4 styles are:

Swordspear/Twinblade style. Lots of twirl and stab animations. Uses lightning for attacks as well. Very physical.

Claw/Slash style. Sort of like Wolverine meets Felicia from MVC2. Lots of baragges of claw slashes.

Ninja/Assassin style. Dual dagger close combat style. Lots of phantom strikes. Disappearing and reappearing. Very physical. Even mix of blade attacks and physical blows.

Scythe/Reaper style. Sort of a unique take on this. Lots of deliberate stationary but high speed attacks sort of like Vergil from the Devil May Cry series.

We are looking for this dramatic/exaggerated animation style to make movements visible and easy to read:

We are looking for ONE Animator that can handle these styles. Pricing can be discussed privately.

Email me at for inquiries. Thank you for your time!

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I sent you a private message.

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Hey [USER=“21853”]Streak Thunderstorm[/USER] just checking in to see how the search is going and what your timeline is for getting started. Sent over a followup and looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!