[PAID] Animations on default Epic Skeleton


Looking for a 3D character animator. Compatible with UE 4.16 and up.
Animations must be Scaled and Rigged for the Unreal Epic Skeleton.
Must include Root Motion and In-Place Animations.
Different Sockets on the Back or Side for the Pickaxe, Bugnet, and Woodaxe. All 3 equipment Items can be displayed at the same time on the player.
Each animation must be imported as its own .FBX file.

Types of Animations Wanted:

  • Pickaxe_Unequipped_Idle (On Back)
  • Pickaxe_Equip (Pull off Back)
  • Pickaxe_Equipped_Idle
  • Pickaxe_Swing_High (Towards Wall)
  • Pickaxe_Swing_Low (Towards Ground)
  • Pickaxe_Unequip (Put Away on Back)
  • Bugnet_Unequipped_Idle (On Back)
  • Bugnet_Equip (Pull off Back)
  • Bugnet_Equipped_Idle
  • Bugnet_Swing_High (In Air)
  • Bugnet_Swing_Low (Towards Ground)
  • Bugnet_Unequip (Put Away on Back)
  • Woodaxe_Unequipped_Idle (On Side)
  • Woodaxe_Equip (Pull off Side)
  • Woodaxe_Equipped_Idle
  • Woodaxe_Swing (Towards Tree)
  • Woodaxe_Unequip (Put Away on Side)
  • Pickup_Start (Reach Down)
  • Pickup_Loop (Fiddling)
  • Pickup_End (Pick Up)
  • Pickup_Crouched_Start (Reach Down)
  • Pickup_Crouched_Loop (Fiddling)
  • Pickup_Crouched_End (Pick Up)

Example of Pickaxe and Bugnet Animations:

Example of Woodaxe Animation:

Example of Pickup Animation:

Animations should mix with other animations using Slot Nodes and Blend Points.
(EG. Default walk animation while Idle Pickaxe).

General guidelines for the animations:

  • Each animation must be imported from its own .FBX file for each animation.
  • Animations must be clean, consistent, and function visually as intended for their purpose.
  • All assets must be scaled to the Epic skeleton and appear relatively scaled as intended when imported into a new project.
  • Character animations must be rigged to the Epic skeleton.
  • Epic skeleton IK joints must stay in the skeleton hierarchy.
  • Do not weight any part of a character to the IK joints.
  • Do not reposition the joint orientations.
  • Skeleton must not be scaled.

Position has been filled. :cool: