[PAID] animation heavy combat system

Hello C++ programmers,

I am looking for somebody who can create an combat system for my fighting game.
The combat system should be an series of animations playing according to certain circumstances. It is basicly an assembly of grappling moves and loops.

---- (gerneral) BUILD UP ----

-3 dimensinal movement (W/S/A/D), (facing opponment)
-basic attack,
-grab (start submission if success),
-counter (timed block)

Combat Sytem (all animations are synchronised with two characters)

IF successful “grab”

  1. Animate the respected takedown animation;

  2. Animate the respected submission loop animation;

  3. Durring loop, mouse click challenge,
    3.1. If lost, then play respected finisher animation from loop, fight over.
    3.2. If won, then play respected break out animation from loop, go out of “grab”, fight continues.

  4. If won, play interactive win animation (involves both characters)

That sums up what I need.
Detailed information as well as your payment will be discussed via PM.
All animations, models etc., will be created and provided by me, I only need an cohesive and editable combat script in c++.
Potential further jobs are then needed.

If anybody is interested, please send me an privat message or via Email under:
I also use Skype

Best regrads,


Found somebody, please close Thread.