[PAID] Andrew Q - C++ Programmer

Recent Computer Science graduate looking for work using Unreal engine. While the majority of my experience making games is in Unity, the majority of my coding experience overall is in C++. The more I’ve learned about Unreal, the more I’ve moved away from Unity, and I’m finally to the point where I want to take on some projects.

C++ Programmer

  • 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Graphics Programming

  • Wrote an Ocean Renderer in Unity
  • Shader Programming
  • Learning OpenCL

Previous Work:

  • Intergalactic Looby - I did this as a project for my Software Engineering class. We worked with Synaptic Switch, on a smaller contract they didn’t have time to take on themselves. I primarily worked on the basic movement code. We continued to work on it after the semester for a few more months, until the client stopped paying, and the project fizzled out. http://www.synapticswitch.com/games/looby/
  • Firestorm Engine - An educational project in Engine Architecture. I wrote the primary part of the engine in C++ and SDL, using OpenGL for the graphics end of things. https://github.com/firestorm713/FirestormEngine
  • Ocean Renderer - This was my final project for Computer Graphics. I implemented an ocean shader based on Jerry Tessendorf’s work on the subject. You can control the wind direction and wind speed. It’s currently implemented in Unity, but I’m working on bringing it over to Unreal. http://firestorm713.github.io/Ocean/Ocean.html


E-mail: elderq.firestorm713@gmail.com
Skype: firestorm713

Additional Information:

  • Can Travel
  • Flexible on Pay
  • Flexible on Work Type(Revshare, Royalty, Hourly, Contract)

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