[PAID] AI Behavior Toolkit: Advanced AI Behavior Designer

Team Name:
Black Lotus Digital, LLC

Job Type: Paid Contract - Remote
Contract Length: Variable

We have 2 AI development contracts available; both could be completed by the same individual/team if they have the proper experience and bandwidth. We have lists of initial needed AI/AI types to start with, but each contract will be structured for milestone payouts with each completed AI being a milestone to allow for potential extensibility of the contracts with added AI types.


Contract #1:
Create a series of high quality, base AI behavior templates using the AI Behavior Toolkit based on a list of AI types and their requirements, including: movement/navigation capabilities, out-of-combat behavior, in-combat behavior, general combat capabilities etc.

Contract #2:
Create a series of fully designed boss AI Behaviors using the AI Behavior Toolkit. Each of these will be based around specific encounters with a certain enemy in its specific environment. Each boss AI will be unique and entail all of the behavior for the entire encounter.

For a better overview, please see:


  • Advanced experience designing AI behavior in the AI Behavior Toolkit
  • Ability to design dynamic flight navigation capable AI using AI Behavior Toolkit’s flight navigation capabilities
  • Ability to design high quality, natural feeling combat behavior with proper movement and smart decision making
  • Ability to use AI Behavior Toolkit’s Group Coordinator functionality to design believable group combat behavior
  • Please be prepared to show samples of your ability to design high quality believable AI in AI Behavior Toolkit

Discord DM: Ztrahd#4230
Email: dev@blacklotusdigital.com

This contract has been filled. Thank you to all who applied!

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