[PAID] Adding the Interior to an existing Spaceship

Need offers for adding interior to this model

Here you can see what I have in mind, including a door at the back Dropship in Props - UE Marketplace

Back door

  • The back door should be separate and fit the entrance, see prop images.
  • Back door should be reasonable thick, similar to the reference above.
  • There should be some sort of border for the entrance.


  • The height of the back of the ship hull can be adjusted, which will require some UV mapping optimizations. Ideally at the bottom of the ship.
  • The ship model can be slightly-reasonable scaled.

Interior space

  • Should include UV mapped basic material.
  • Should be high enough for a UE default character standing.
  • Should be as huge as possible.
  • The hull should be reasonable thick.

PM me your offer and link me your artstation page.