[PAID] AAA - Concept Artist - Available

Hello everyone,

My name is , I am a professional concept artist and I am available for freelance work.

I have four years of experience in the entertainment industry and I’ve been working for AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed Unity, Project Sparks, Civilization Beyond Earth and more unreleased titles.

Here are some pics, but you can see my complete portfolio at .viewbook.com

if interested contact me at [EMAIL=“”]


Beautiful work, good luck finding work. =)

Hello would you prefer paid work because i can only offer royalty

Available again, please write to my email if interested!

hi there, thanks for all the inquiries.
I’m available again!

available again!

I sent you an email

Holy (butterfly & randbows), thats some quality work. I will send you an email.

available again!
New stuff added

available again!

available again

available again

Wow, this is really beautiful work.

great works.
compliments!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!
I’m available again

available again

Can’t believe that is the first time I see this thread. Absolutely stunning work!

Impressive…I wish I could have you on my project!!!

available again!

available again!