[PAID] 6 Year Experience Programmer, 25+ projects, 5 games published, BP/C++

My name is Woody Wu, I am a programmer and game developer currently working in AAA mobile game company. I have 6 years’ experience in game development and C++, 6 years in C# and Unity Engine, 4 years in Unreal Engine.

I am looking for part-time and/or task-based jobs.

I developed 25+ projects, with 5 games published on Steam or App Store.

Paragon Kingdom: Arena on iOS/Android,…edias.Garrison
Arc Continuum on Steam,…ARC_Continuum/
Witanlore: Dreamtime on Steam,…ore_Dreamtime/
Dead Acres on Steam, Farmocalypse on Steam
Anne’s Dream on iOS/Android, also have two games in testing and come to Steam soon.

They are all on my website,

To check my experience, my LinkedIn page is

I am responsible for my work and ensure they get done perfectly. Look forward to working with you.
Please contact me via email: [EMAIL=“”]

Thank you!