[PAID] 3D Environment \ Prop artist


My name is Yuri, I am a 3D artist mostly focused on environment and set dressing assets production for real-time rendering engines. Currently, I am looking for a job in the video games industry and I will be happy to join an ongoing project as an environment artist. From my side, I can offer 7 years of modeling experience, 3+ years of UE4 experience, dedication and diligence.
I am available full-time, Mondays through Fridays.


  • Designing and creating modular assets as well as trim sheets and tiling textures for modular environments.
  • Retopoing and baking, High poly to low poly workflow.
  • SubD modeling and sculpting.
  • PBR texturing (Procedural, Photo-based, Sculpt-based).
  • Creating customizable materials is UE4.
  • Lighting and post-processing in UE4.
  • Blueprints creation.
  • Python scripting.


  • MODO
  • ZBrush
  • Substance suite
  • Photoline



Iā€™m available again. Please, contact me via email if you have any questions or offers. Thanks!

If you are willing to relocate to the Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, then you can take a look at this thread.

We are in need of level designers.