[PAID] 3D Artist

Hello, my name is Alexey Vasilev, I’m looking for paid work.

My skills:
hardsurface 3d modeling, sculpting, texturing



Really nice material definition man. You’ll grab some projects immediately.

Thanks for kind words :slight_smile:

Looking for new projects


Oh man, I’d love to see a wire for that tank. Tread details are off the chain.

Nice work Keo. Really love the look… feeds my OCD.

Does modelling the Earth appeal to you at all? You might find my needs are actually more challenging than you’re presently imagining.:o

Check out my sig, if you like, for an idea of what I would need.

Looking for new projects

seamless sand texture

looking for new projects

Hi Koe Kto,

Very nice work. Do you have any previous work in Modular design? Do you require concept art? I’ll be seeking out a 3D Artist who can author modular pieces and create something fantastic using Collage Construction to replace my programmer’s artwork.

available for work

have some spare time, indie friendly rates :slight_smile:

available for work

These are seriously good stuff.

Available for work

Great looking materials!

Hi guys good news, I’m available again :slight_smile:
By the way my current wip: