[PAID] - 3D Artist


  • 3+ years experience in UE4 and game development!
  • Expert in every aspect of level development, from planning and blockout, to props, lighting and lightmapping, custom collisions work, LODs creation and setup, polish, and performance optimization.
  • Knowledgeable in several workflows for levels and props creation.
  • Proficient in technical art, programming logic, and shader creation too!
  • I can create my own materials if needed!

ArtStation - Claudio Piccinni

E-mail: [EMAIL=“claudio.piccinni@gmail.com”]claudio.piccinni@gmail.com
Discord: Klawd#0354
(I answer on both within a few hours)

Additional Information:

  • I’m from Italy, and I’m 33 years old.
  • I always guarantee the top most professionalism and reliability.
  • Available right away from the moment I update this thread!
  • I don’t usually take royalty/rev-share work, only exception would be high profile projects.

Available for work!

Example of a level I created in UE4:

Still available for work!

This is one of my latest pieces:

Still available for work.

Here’s the latest prop I created:

Bump for visibility!

Still available!

Still available!