[PAID] 3D Artist & Coder

Currently Unavailable - Will update & reply when that changes

Hi everyone!

Looking for a few jobs to work on after a break :slight_smile: I can do mostly anything except perhaps sound, server architecture / complex networking, and some of the really complex programming tasks. Feel free to ask regardless!

– This is what I do –

  • Modelling & Texturing: Characters, Creatures, Props, Virtually anything, Hand-Painted Textures a possibility
  • Rigging: In any and all forms! Characters, Creatures, Props, Robots, Things we’ve never seen!
  • Animation: Basic stuff mostly
  • C++ Coding for UE4: Nothing extravagant, ask if unsure!
  • Blueprints / Visual Scripting
  • Technical Art: I’m good at bridging the gap between coding and art anywhere the necessity may apply
  • Anything else, just ask!

– Info & Contact Details –

Payment via Paypal preferred. Let me know in advance if this isn’t ideal.

If you want to get in touch with me you can PM me here or:
Email & Skype:

– Some Previous Work –

Character Modelling & Texturing:

Prop Modelling:

Quick Animations: Note: These do not loop properly in the gifs themselves

Still looking.

I added you on Skype

Edit: Skype email corrected

Any PBR work you can show?

Jared is great at both modeling and coding. His prices are very indie friendly, and I highly recommend you hire him.

I’ve been pretty sick for the past week, not sure how long so will update when I’m available again.

Is everything okay? You have been gone for a while.

Hey, sorry. I’m having on-going health issues atm, something akin to permanent migraines, haven’t been able to find the cause. Can’t do much of anything for now.

Alright. I hope you feel better :slight_smile: