[PAID] 3D Artist | Affordable and reliable expert. Hard-surface and sculpting

**Portfolio site: **

Hello, my name is Christopher. I’m a 3D artist & coder based in Florida.
I started 3D modelling 13 years ago as a modder/mapper, and then professionally in 2013.

5+ years of professional work experience, and still working with 2 companies since 2014.
I have worked on several shipped games (including PC Building Simulator & Sailaway: Sailing Sim)
Over a dozen 3D apps & motion graphics projects with the same company for 5 years, for large clients, like General Electric.

Skills Overiew:
• 3D modelling, animation, & unwrapping in Max, Maya, & Zbrush.
• Texturing & Baking with Substance Painter + Designer, XNormal & Photoshop.
• Optimization for low end hardware
• Proficient with Unreal, Unity, & Source engine. (Intermediate with CryEngine & GoDot)
• Intermediate programming with C# & C++. Proficient in Blueprints.
• Traditional/offline rendering – Vray, MentalRay.
• Video & audio editing, compositing, mastering.
• Web graphics & web programming.

I can do any of the following:
• Environments (Architecture, Interiors, Landscapes)
• Vehicles (Automobiles, Boats, Planes)
• Props (Weapons, Accessories, Furniture, etc)

I have managed projects & know from experience what it is like to deal with unreliable people & it is the reason I started programming.
With me, you will get proper communication and dedication, no wasted time.
And since I am an individual, there are no overhead costs like you get with a studio.

My resume/CV & references are available upon request.

Contact Info:
Please, no private messages on forums.
Phone/WhatsApp: 954 470 6628
Discord: DIFTOW#2367

**Portfolio site: **

**Examples of work:

Sailboats for Sailaway, the sailing simulator. I’ve made about a dozen boats so far. (Unity)**

Cycloset (Vray - Max)

Car for AR iPad App (Unity)

Lab Equipment for GE Virtual Lab (Unity)

Misc: Counter Strike: Source RATS map (Source 1)

​​​​​Boston Scientific app about cancer treatment (Unity)

Sculpted Terrain & Additional Props for VR game, Mervils: (Unity)

PC Building Simulator (Unity) - 3D models of hardware & CAD cleanup & conversion.…ing_Simulator/


Chris is awesome and I can confirm that my testimonial is real :slight_smile:

What was your role on that sailing game? the 3D work? Lighting/shaders?

Hey Chris, sent you a message on skype from the same name I use here, zlspradlin

Available for more work