[PAID] 3D Animator

Hi All,

I’m looking for a 3D animator for a fairly quick turn around job.

Looking to animate 3 snowmen

  • About 40 seconds of animation to a Voice over

  • 1 Snowman reading a story

  • two snowmen reacting to whats being said

All snowmen have been simply rigged (mixamo rig) and have a basic previs set up, although this doesnt have to be strictly adhered to.

We’ll be working with Maya, and ideally the skeleton wouldnt change however you may want to implement your own control set up.

If this sounds like its up your alley and you can turn it around in the next 2-3 days please get in touch with your rates and animation samples.

Hoepfully this is enough informationt to guage interest, if you’d like to know anything else please PM me here.