[Paid] 3D/2D Friendly Remote Art Studio - 5-Star Rated


MLC is a 20+ team of passionate freelance creatives. We’re 5-star rated by 50+ customers and we’re looking for some exciting new projects to get involved with!

Our 2D and 3D services are available, as well as sound/SFX, marketing materials/video and web.

Here are some of the things we offer:

  • 3D Full Pipeline
  • 2D Game and Concept Art/Creative
  • Trailers
  • Web Dev
  • UE4 implementation and environment creation

Some other services include:

  • Character Design
  • Character Concepting
  • Promotional Materials/Key Art/Splashscreens
  • Kickstarter Artwork and Graphics
  • Concept Environments
  • Prop/3D Model Concepts and Design

Just a month ago a client posted “One of the best teams I have ever worked with. Would definitely recommend anyone I know without a hesitation” on our Google!

Our site:


Do I work direct with freelancer?
Absolutely, directly in Discord

Why not just hire a freelancer?
Why go through hundreds of applications when top tier talent is right here? Need to hire again in the future? Contact us any time you need support

What do people say about us?
*We’re 5 star rated by over 40 customers. “I worked with MLC to have them make some art assets for my game, and they were incredible” “I had a bit of a rush project that I asked MLC to help me with and honestly, they blew me away.”

Send me through a message on Discord, Max#2210, or contact through our website at