[PAID] 3D/2D Artist


My name is Kieran Russell. I’m a 3D/2D Artist from Scotland.

I specialize in character art, although I can meet the needs of objects both organic and mechanical.

I have worked freelance for over 7 years and pride myself on being highly self motivated and meeting tough deadlines.

I currently work at Greenbrier Games where I collaborate with great artists. At Greenbrier I have helped ship several games with hundreds of unique character models, on many different projects, with vastly different styles. We have adapted to industry-leading technologies and have carved out a name for the company as a producer of high quality dynamic miniatures.

I’m experienced in:

  • 3DS Max
  • Photoshop
  • Zbrush
  • Topogun
  • UVWs
  • Quixel Suite
  • Substance Designer/ Painter
  • Spec/Gloss Pipeline
  • PBR Pipeline
  • Keyshot
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • High and Low Poly-counts
  • Sculpting for 3D Print
  • Concept Art
  • And of course bringing assets into unity & unreal.

For more information, view my profile here

I’m currently looking for additional freelance work to help grow my portfolio in new directions.
I’m only looking for paid work. For pricing, just contact me. I’m flexible and competitive.

Contact Info:
Skype: kieran-russell
Steam: kieran_xp

Examples of my work:

Flintlock Pistol Interactive Turntable (click here)

Ninja for Bushido: Legend of the Samurai - Interactive Player Model (click here)

Thanks for taking a look!

Those are some great pieces man. Well done!

Thanks a lot!

Hi kieran_russell,

Impressive work and demonstrates you’re awareness for modular design. Do you require concept art, or do you produce your own?

Thanks I really appreciate the feedback! I usually produce my own concept art, but I do work from other artists concepts at my day job sometimes.

That’s awesome. Much of the development work requires a significant amount of R & D, and its best in my opinion to have an 3D artist capable of concept art. Especially with small indie teams. Rigging is another crucial aspect for characters models. Do you rig as well, any examples?


I’m familiar with rigging but I don’t have any recent examples. That’s definitely great to know, and an area I will focus on to improve and include in my portfolio examples in the near future.

New work!

I recently completed a skin substance-shader for a client.

Available for work.

I’m unsure if this would be worth your time, but…

I use Daz Studios models, and I buy the basic morph packs from them and they have a verity of morph controls

The most recent model Genesis 3 Female, the packs lack morphs that have been been included since their 4th generation of models (they are now on 7th generation), I’m waiting to see if they can fix my forum account to see if I can post and go on the complain about it

Anyway, if they don’t add them (which I doubt they will) I’m needing to find someone whole can professionally craft the morphs that can complete the package and a few others morphs that should be included, and fit my needs

Hey Vata Raven,

Sure, shoot me an email with more details and we can discuss. Thanks.

I am available for work.

Out of curiosity what do you charge for something like that Samurai?

Honestly, since I’m freelancing to enhance my portfolio, it depends on the project and timeframe etc. PM or email me and we can discuss further if you’re interested. Thanks.

Emailed you.

Thanks, I’ll chat with you there.

Available for work again.


Available for work again.


Adding some of my newer work. Available.