[PAID] 2D/3D Artist

I’m live in London and like to draw 2D art. I also do 3D modelling in 3DS Max. My current PC is under powered atm, so I’m only doing 2D for now.

As an introductory offer, I’ll draw you a 1024x768, black and white sketch of your choosing for £1.

I lost my older drawings in a Zip drive failure before creating a portfolio so I’m starting from scratch. I drew this to give you a rough idea.

In the first image, you can see the 3 identical heads. The first is painted. The second is soft shaded and third is the sketch.

I’ll increase the price of each new concept sketch by £1. So for instance, if you’d like 4 drawings, it would cost £10 (£1, £2, £3 and £4). The next sketch I do will be £5 etc.

If I don’t get any work for a week, I’ll probably drop the concept price by a £1.

I can also do higher resolutions.

How it works.

First we can discuss what you’d like me to do. Then I’ll require the PayPal payment for the concept sketch before I start. I’ll then create a rough block out sketch which you can critique. I’ll make the corrections you want. When you’re happy with the design, I’ll finish the drawing.

It costs double to have the finished sketch soft or cell shaded. If you paid £10 for a specific concept, just send another £10 for shading.

For example, say you wanted 3 concept images but decided to have images 1 and 3 shaded afterwards.

Image 1 £20 for concept £40 with shading
Image 2 £21 for concept
Image 3 £22 for concept £44 with shading

If you would then like it fully painted, the price is 5x the concept price, so if you’ve paid £20 for a concept sketch with shading, just send another £30 to make it £50 total.

I can draw whatever you like. Maybe you already have a sketch that you’d like me to work on further.

If you would like me to draw for you, send me a PM with the details. I’m looking forward to working on something :slight_smile:

I’ll update this post with current pricing.

Aug-08-2016 Current price: Concept £1 Additional shading £1 Additional painting £3