[PAID] $20/Hour - Looking For Photorealistic Environment Mentor That Uses Megascans

I’m currently a filmmaker and with the recent partnership of Megascans and Epic, I realized that the whole film industry could potentially be disrupted. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to learn UE4 and transition into real-time filmmaking.

Throughout my journey of watching endless tutorials, all the landscapes are game focused, which makes sense since this is a game engine, but it’s incredibly difficult to find tutorials on photorealistic scene production that uses Megascans. Yes, Quixel makes tutorials but they do not go into enough detail for a beginner. Plus, I’d like to save time by learning from a teacher and have that one on one experience.

More or less everything I have created looks like a video game and it would be nice to learn from a master like yourself to bring it to cinematic rendering qualities.

The biggest issue for me is how to use and texture high poly assets. Currently, Quixel Bridge exports Lod 0 assets which look good for a game but are nowhere near good enough for a film, and when I try to texture their high poly assets, the mesh becomes very jagged and looks even more unrealistic as compared to the Lod 0 mesh.

I’m also willing to adjust the pricing to something that you would think is fair.

This is what I’m hoping I can create on my own after learning from a mentor -> the close up of the rock or the opening shot from Quixel’s Rebirth)

Here’s my film portfolio so you can get an understanding of my background -

Please attach a still/link to your most photorealistic scene as well as what your rate would be if you think $20 is not fair. Plus, leave your email so I can reach out to you individually.