Pagefile on SSD and HDD? (16GB Ram)

SSD (samsung 850pro 256GB)
Memory 16GB.

I recently installed a new SSD to my PC and installed a new OS, the SSD software set my page file to 200-1024MB and i noticed that while trying to build a demo map my memory and pagefile maxed out and the build crashed. This leads me to two options, either make the PF max bigger on the SSD even though samsung set the size to a max of 1GB or make a second PF on my HDD in the few cases where something might actually need the extra space.

Im not fond of having my SSD beaten to death with writes if im building stuff that goes over the 16GB of ram i have on a normal basis and it seems like having a larger pagefile on the HDD would be best in this case, however im unsure if its possible to tell windows(8.1) to make use of the SSD PF before touching the HDD PF, while looking for info ive seen it mentioned that it uses both evenly which would probably not give a good desired effect…

Any help would be appreciated. What do you guys do for your PF and how much memory do you have? any good software you guys use to monitor PF usage?

I’ve 16GB of ram also and have just left my pagefile on the SSD. I know they say your “should” put your page file on a HDD to minimize how many write operations are performed but frankly I rarely do anything that heavy which requires the page file to get hit anyway. Also, I like to think that the reliability of SSD’s has improves enough that you’ll struggle to hit their life cycle anyway. Note, my SSD drives are about 5 years old and are still going strong. If it does have you concerned then just don’t use the SSD for paging at all. I am 99% sure there is no way for you to manage how the pagefile on each drive is allocated.

Definitely set page file to use more of your SSD. Long gone are the times when that was a bad idea. I have 45 virtual machines using memory oversubscription (essentially letting them use more RAM than I have (65GB+)) so they are constantly smashing the same SSD with page files and have been doing it 24/7 for over a year with no problem at all. One of my friends have been doing it with over 100 virtual machines and way larger oversubscription. They last very, very long and most SSDs have pretty great warranties as well(because they know they last very long).
Putting pagefiles on regular hard drives is just awful, it’s just too slow.
I’m using 32GB RAM in my desktop and have set page file to use a pretty big chunk of my main SSD for when I need more.

SSD now days have really good durability so don’t worry, i’m pretty sure you will change the drive before it even manages to break due to high read/writes. Go ahead and use it for paging. Also a tip i got from others is to set your paging file to a fixed size. For example: if you have 16gb of ram and need 16 more, set your paging to min: 16gb max:16gb. I don’t really know the math behind it but it works for me so who cares :smiley:

I have 16gb of ram plus 8gb of fixed paging and doing fine with intensive use of maya, substance painter/designer, ue4 all open at once most of the times. I thing it would be best to invest a little money in more ram but it good enough for now.