Page is missing

I am getting 404

Does Not work as well.

Getting those fixed now :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is a general issue or only for specific pages.

But Precomputed Lighting Scenarios is missing as well (it might just be the link from the Lighting and Shadows overview though)

I am getting 404 errors on like half of the pages. Is there an offline documentation or one that actually works?

The Precomputed Lighting Scenarios page isn’t missing so much as it isn’t supposed to be available yet. The link got published prematurely. The page should be up soon as soon as it has made it through the whole review process. In the meantime I will remove the link to avoid confusion.

There are a few pages (around 10 I believe) we know are currently missing and those should all be back by tomorrow at the latest. If you are literally seeing 404s for half the pages, can you provide some examples so i can look into it?

Sorry for the missing pages. Some improvements to our tools caused some unforeseen fallout. I’m working on getting it all working smoothly again and should have everything resolved very soon.

OK, i only list the ones of topics that interested me. Since all these 404 come directly from the navigation pane on the left side it might make sense to run a script over this to find all?

I could keep doing this for a long time, but you get where I am coming from.

You basically hit a perfect storm of all of the pages I was referring to above. I found one other as well. These are all fixed locally and will be back online shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I believe all these pages should be back online. Please let me know if you notice any others missing. I’m doing an audit, but it never hurts to have additional eyes on it.