Packing game in 4.22 vs 4.24

So, I packed my game both in 4.22 and 4.24 for some tests and have noticed that CPU and GPU consumption in the 4.24 version are almost doubled respect the 4.22 version (GPU more likely 3x). I’m assuming the reason are some latest rendering options, but witch one?
Considering that my idea is to use Pixel Streaming for sharing the project I need to keep CPU and GPU consumption as low as possible.

I am not sure whats causing the problem, I was using 4.24 and was crashing every 5 mins, then I noticed a lot of feed back about others having similiar crash issues, a lot of people are having them in 4.24.

I switched back to 4.23.1, went all day yesterday without a single crash vs 4.24 crashing every 5mins, I suggest switching to 4.23.1 until they fix it in 4.25 hopefully.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.

Maybe both yours and mine problems are related; if the 4.24 is more expensive in term of computational resources this can cause crashes where the earlyer version had not problems.

Hopefully with some setup changes this can be fixed also in 4.24 without downgrading to older versions.