Packing any news ?

Hi all i just asking i did no been here long time because i abandoned my project because of too much gigs to pack so i want to start again after i release full version from Unity i want go back again to UE4 and start new project so i want to ask are they done something new about packaging the game or its the same tings it packs everything from ue4 project ? because it taked years to pack my old project…

Tnx u for reading…

Can you give an example?
How much content did you have? Depending how many models, textures and materials you have it can take some time. If you have lots of unused assets this could be inflating your project.
What platform were you packaging for (I.E. Android: Packaging and compressing all 6 texture formats UE supports will take time and space, so its is encouraged to package for each format so each device only has 1 format type to save space.

I can package almost all of my prototype projects (After textures/materials have been compressed/compiled) in less than a minute. Packaging for windows results in total project size to be about 200mb-600mb range (with a little more content that is in Starter packs).

Well i was 20g project :slight_smile:

Before packaging? That’s how big the project was 0_o ?

The hole project was 20 gigs all what i made models but the game i try to pack it but it was taking forever so i had to get to Uity3d reimport and edit all over again and pack my project on 200 mb xD but i try to pack the game in UE4 and to test it that is what i want it but no. I let the pack go all day till i sleep when i woke up still packing i was crashed and moved to Unity… So now i want to make fps game and i want to go back to UE4 and i hope is there any change to packing the game :confused: