Packed game way too big.

Hi Iv been testing and packaging an really tiny proyect.
all the content textures dont weight more than 5mb(few sprites).
so i packed it and when finished. i saw that the total is more than 187mb.
the bulid was made for windowsx64

So the question is. Is there any way to reduce that? or its compulsory to every proyect to be
180mb + all the content weight.

In this case im only using few sprites + bp(character bp and widget component)
So im thinkin that unreal is packing content that is not really neccesary or i am wrong?
In the wiki i dont found any relevant info about that.

I have the same question. The minimum pack size is a little bit big.
The engine folder takes about 141 MB. This includes third party libraries (like PhysX) which take 47,9 MB, the UE4Game executable + crash report client, which take 74,2 MB.
However most of those things seems necessary…
When removing the crash report client (in Project settings → packaging), the engine folder uses 99,7 MB.

Take a look at those threads:

Thank you for your answer fighter5347.
Those threads are indeed interesting.

I think Epic should add an simple option in packaging menu to chose easly what you want to pack:
1 Phys X( the heaviest i saw 40mb)
2 Ogg
3 Vorbis etc.

If i could get easly to 50mb with less than 5 mb of content i would be so happy, 50 Mb isnt that much considering all the libraries blueprints could use
but getting nearly 180 with less than 5mb of content is a pain.