PackagingResults:Error: Error Unknown Error (HELP)

I have been trying to fix this problem but nothing is happening.
Can someone tell me whats wrong actually?

P.S. I migrate the project and tried to package but sadly same error after 1.2 mins.

Hi DipranjanH,

This issue has been reported as UE5528, and has not yet been resolved. You can track the progress of the bug on the the following link: UnrealEngine. In the meantime, if you would like more assistance with this issue, please provide more details about when you are encountering this issue:

  1. When does this occur? When you are opening the project or just when you are packaging the project. (Please check your output log upon opening your project to test this.)
  2. Is this a C++ Project or Blueprint project
  3. Is this the entire output log? If not, clear the output log and try to package again. Post the contents of the entire Output log in a text file and add as an attachment to your response.