PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Could not find file for staging

i got this error running shooter game map shooter entry on my mac. it couldn’t launch. any ideas?


How did you package ShooterGame? Are you working out of 4.7.6, or lower? Have you tried packaging ShooterGame for 4.8.0 Preview 4? Are you able to package and run any other projects/templates on your Mac?


I have not heard from you in quite some time and for this reason, I must ‘resolve’ your question at this time. However, if you’re still experiencing trouble with this specific topic, please do not hesitate to reply back to us. For all other questions, please submit a new question to AnswerHub.

Have a great day!

Sorry, I didn’t notice you answered. I think I messed something up with the content. It could not find game modes.

Did you fix the gamemodes or have a back up of your file? Did you have any further questions about this question? :slight_smile: